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Downside to Stick-Built vs Modular Homes


Once seen as a low-cost alternative when building a house, custom-built modular homes have come a long way over the years. Today, they’re known for being an affordable, high-quality option for home buyers looking for the best value and full customization options. But, despite their stellar reputation, many of you might be wondering if there is a downside to modular homes? 

Honestly – not at all! When comparing stick-built homes vs modular homes, the results speak for themselves. There are no downsides to the modular building process because their production is seamless from start to finish.

There are many myths about modular homes that stem from their confusion with prefab houses, but the truth is that modular homes offer the same quality and customization offered by a traditional ‘stick-built’ home and are often safer and more affordable.

We’re here to take a closer look at the differences between stick-built homes vs modular homes, so you can understand all the facts from start to finish.


First of all, what is a Modular Home?

Different than a traditional stick-built home, which is built from the ground up on-site, custom modular homes are manufactured offsite in a climate-controlled environment and transported to your plot of land for assembly. Their design is typically less labor-intensive, and easy to monitor, which makes them appealing to homeowners that are in a time crunch. Modular homes are completed in less time than traditional homes and produce less post-construction waste, and end up being more energy-efficient than traditional stick-built homes.

While modular homes might have a confusing reputation because of how they are made, it’s simply because they are more cost-effective than a traditional home. Plus, their construction methods are a little different, so its perception remains unclear to most homeowners. In reality, the construction and building process are what make modular homes so appealing – no more construction delays or additional builder costs.

When it comes to building affordable custom homes, their contractors expedite a streamlined manufacturing process, that gets you into your home sooner rather than later. Plus, modular homes are built much differently than stick-built homes, but we’ll get to that later. What’s important to know is that modular homes don’t have the stigma or downsides they’ve been given in the past, and you’ll never have to worry about cutting corners on your modular floor plan.


So, what are the upsides to Modular Home Designs?

There are quite a few upsides to living in a modular house. In fact, if you’ve been thinking about building your next house, choosing a modular home is a great option! They offer a number of money-saving advantages over stick-built homes without the need to sacrifice your ability to get exactly what you want out of your new home. The ability to customize and expedite the construction process makes modular homes a breeze to build.

Plus, you’ll be able to get all the same amazing features and square footage you would have in a stick-built home.


They’re Highly Affordable

The average cost to build a modular home is around $130-$145 a square foot, depending on what design features you select. However, this is still substantially less than a traditional stick-built home, which costs $210 a square foot. Modular home cost per square foot will definitely fluctuate, but the significant price change is all about how you build the home.

You might be wondering how this is so affordable? The controlled factory manufacturing process allows builders to purchase materials in bulk rather than as needed, which equals greater savings and no chance of unexpected material costs. They’ll be able to order the appropriate materials, based on your preferences, but won’t go over your budget. Modular homes also tend to be more energy efficient over stick-built homes, because of how they’re constructed.

Modular homes are built in a controlled environment, reducing overall operation and materials costs. In many instances, recycled materials are used to construct your home, which reduces your material expenses.  Not to mention, all Carolina Custom Homes are Energy Star certified, which will save you money on your monthly energy bills. For more insight on the complete modular home construction process, take a look at Why Do Modular Homes Only Take Less Time to Build and The Homebuilding Process: 5 Steps to Building Your Dream Home.


Modular Homes are fully Customizable

What are the apparent differences in modular homes vs stick-built homes? Nothing. From the outside looking in, you’d never know the difference in a stick-built house or a modular house.

On site-built homes are typically constructed on your property, which means you work with a builder and architect to create your home from the ground up. The way modular homes are created, you can select a floor plan that suits your needs, and begin construction quickly.

But, what if you don’t love the kitchen? Or do you want a garage? That’s the thing with custom modular homes – you can change everything you need to suit your needs. You can change the interior and exterior of your home with ease, all you have to do is outline your design goals with our team, and we can bring your vision to life.

Modular homes are available in hundreds of unique floor plans, and you can customize them with your choice of finishes, siding, colors, and more. Whether you’re looking for a house with a basement, sunroom, front porch, or a deck….it’s all possible with a modular builder! Sometimes, the most difficult part is knowing where to start.


Every Home is Built to Last

Modular homes are known to stand up to hurricane winds and earthquake conditions. Modular home durability isn’t something to be trifled with – because they have to be transported to your plot of land for completion, their durable structure can also withstand the heaviest weather conditions, and won’t face the same exposure risks as stick-built homes.

Because modular homes go through multiple inspection processes during and after manufacturing and assembly, you’ll know for sure your house will be a place to call home for decades to come. Plus, their ability to withstand such heavy weather conditions is a testament to their durable design and reliable structure.

You won’t ever have to question the safety of your home, or the modular home building process.


They Hold Their Value

When you think about how much a modular home costs, you might be wondering if they can maintain their overall value over the course of time. While that might not have been the case thirty years ago, in today’s marketing, modular homes can go for the same rate as a stick-built home, and have more appealing features.

Just like a stick-built home, modular homes can increase in value over time. External factors such as curb appeal, location, and land acreage definitely play a part in the ability to sell your home, but things such as materials and construction don’t impact the overall value of your home. However, there are 5 Factors Which Affect a Home’s Resale Value, that are worth checking out if you do want to sell your home in the future.

Their exceptional durability has changed the reputation of manufactured homes, making them more appealing to many home buyers. You won’t have to compromise on style, space, or storage – everything you need can be created with a modular home, and if you end up selling your home, those features will speak for themselves.

Regardless of whether or not you want to sell your home in the upcoming years, it’s important to make an investment that will appreciate in value. You never have to worry about the integrity of your investment with modular homes.


If you’re looking for the best modular home builders within the Piedmont Triad, they might be closer than you think. Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington are the premier home builders in North Carolina for all your modular designs. If you need more advice before you start your home building journey, take a look at our FREE webinar, Modulars 101: Your Guide to Customization!


Modulars 101: Your Guide to Customization


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