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Why Do Modular Homes Take Less Time to Build?

One of the biggest advantages to building a modular home versus a traditional stick-built home is something everyone can appreciate: time. While most traditionally built homes can take an average of 12-15 months to complete, modular homes allow you to move in quickly, as little as nine months. That’s a huge difference, but why the time gap? Here are a few reasons why it’s faster to build a modular home.


No worries about the weather.

One of the biggest schedule setbacks that traditional stick home builders face is the weather. Rain, snow, and even heavy winds can make it dangerous for construction workers and can damage the materials used to create your house.

Because modular homes are pre-fabricated in a climate-controlled environment, you’ll never have to worry about weather delays or water damage.

No delivery delays.

Waiting on building materials can be a hassle, and if the wrong materials are delivered to the site of your future home, it only means more delays for you.

With a modular home, the materials are already at the facility where they’re needed. We have everything we need ready to go so we can start building your home modules as soon as the floor plan is finalized.

Zero chance of vandalism.

Let’s face it, sometimes the unexpected happens. With building materials being left in the open and no real way to lock up in the early stages, vandalism and theft is always a risk with stick-built homes and can mean unexpected costs and time delays.

One major perk of a factory-built module is that we can lock the doors at the end of the day! Your home modules are safe and secure right up to the day they’re assembled on your home site.

A more streamlined system.

All of the above add up to one thing: efficiency. When your modular home is made in a factory setting and then assembled on-site, the entire process is streamlined from start to finish. The lack of manufacturing delays means every step can start and finish exactly when it’s supposed to, meaning you’ll be able to move into your new home in as little as nine months.

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