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The Benefits of 3 Bedroom Modular Homes: The Salem

Are you ready to build your dream home, but you're not sure how you can afford it? Modular homes are the perfect solution for those who want the quality and square feet of a traditional stick-built house without the heavy price tags or waiting times. With the abundant features of a modular home, you can obtain both the beautiful exterior and interior you're seeking.

Custom-built homes are an excellent investment because they offer many benefits for the buyer, such as increased resale value and lower energy bills. However, it’s important to have a floor plan that capitalizes on space if you’re looking for additional square footage!

If you’re trying to find a larger square footage to accommodate your family, while increasing your home’s resale value, let's look at our new 3 bedroom modular home floor plans and their benefits, including our newest option: The Salem. 


Introducing The Salem

If you're looking for the perfect 3-bedroom home for your family, The Salem might be precisely what you're looking for!

Starting at 1,647 sq ft, The Salem is a single-story ranch floor plan featuring three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The open-concept floor plan offers plenty of space for family time or entertaining, with a spacious kitchen and dining nook open into the common living area.

Home Features:

  • Spacious master bedroom with attached bathroom
  • Split floor plan—the two secondary bedrooms are on the opposite end of the house
  • Walk-in closets
  • Garden tub in the master bathroom

In addition, this home plan comes with a complete list of included standards, such as a sealed crawl space, kitchen appliances, and much more. Check out our floor plan listing to get all the details!

Remember, each of our floor plans can be fully customized. Add a garage or front porch, change the roof pitch, and much more—you can make this home truly your own with us!

See the Inside For Yourself

Sometimes it's hard to visualize what your new home might look like based on a floor plan alone. We understand. That's why we've set up a virtual tour, so you can take a digital walk through "The Salem" and get a feel for the house yourself! Access the full virtual tour.

If you're still not convinced, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of three-bedroom modular homes


3 Bedroom Modular Homes Are A Great Investment

Return Investment Potential

Modular houses are an excellent investment for buyers. Three bedrooms, three bath manufactured homes offer every amenity imaginable in one complete package that is easy to own and care for. The floor plans offer three different options that are implemented with high-quality construction.

Manufactured homes offer an investment return with a 3-7% more rent than what you would have received if you rented from the average apartment. If you're planning on renting out your home, one rental unit could turn into three different units for maximum profit!

These custom homes are an investment because their price does not fluctuate with the market. This means that they'll always be worth about what you paid for them, so this is one investment that will never lose its value! They're also made to very high standards and require little energy, making them environmentally friendly. Three-bedroom custom modular homes can sometimes be sold for 3 or 4 times the price of 3 bedroom stick-built homes in Winston-Salem, NC.

Modular homes are the perfect fit if you're looking for an investment that will return and present little hassle. Buyers do not have to worry about plumbing, electrical work, or anything else because your space is complete and ready to move into.

Modular Homes Are Attractive to Buyers

Manufactured three-bedroom homes cost less to heat in the winter and cool in the summer since they have more insulation than most three-bedroom stick-built homes. Modulars tend to have lower utility bills and maintenance costs since they don't need to be painted or stained. All of these attributes make it an attractive option to potential buyers.


The Benefits of a Custom Modular Home Floor Plan

There are plenty of reasons for the increasing demand for manufactured homes. They are an excellent solution for those who want to build their home on their desired land. Manufactured homes have been gaining popularity and have become one of the most favored house plans in recent years.

Manufactured homes offer many benefits since they're:

  • Modular homes are cost-effective
  • Time-efficient
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sustainable.

3-bedroom or 2-bedroom modular homes are the ideal housing choice for all homeowners. Their versatile dimensions, style, and living space are coveted features—perfect for those who need space, professionals who need a home office, and single families who need room for older kids and/or a nursery. The way you and the family grow or evolve will determine how you adapt your customized home to your lifestyle.

Three-bedroom modular homes come in a variety of floor plans that can be modeled to meet your needs. Carolina Custom homes make it easy to create the perfect 3 bedroom modular home floor plan for you and your family.


Three Bedroom Modular Homes Are Customizable

When buying a stick-built house, many homeowners are forced to settle with what they can get. Manufactured homes have the advantage of being customizable, meaning that an owner can choose the layout that best suits their needs and desires.

Some manufactured homes are also designed to be manufactured off-site and then assembled on-site by a construction crew. This can significantly reduce building costs and save time for homeowners who want to avoid the hassle of a complicated construction process.

This modular home option offers features such as:

  • 3 spacious bedrooms
  • Up to 3 bathrooms
  • An optional attached garage or carport
  • Large living spaces
  • Kitchen options
  • Basements that can be finished
  • Flexible square feet options
  • Modular home costs are more affordable

These versatile houses allow you to customize your new home to your liking! Do you want a home with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths? No problem! You ultimately decide the home features, dimensions, and square feet of your unit. If you're interested in building a custom home, don't hesitate to contact Carolina Custom Homes today!


Modular Homes Are Environmentally Friendly

Modular homes are environmentally friendly. They are built in a controlled environment, meaning that they're manufactured on-site and assembled with less dust and debris from the manufacturing process. When you choose to build with Carolina Custom Homes, you don't need to worry about chemicals leaking into your groundwater.

Curious why modular homes are environmentally friendly?

  • They use less fuel
  • They're lighter
  • They reduce greenhouse gases

Modular Homes Are Cost-Effective

Because of their expedited building process, custom modular homes incur less waste and labor costs due to their pre-built modules shipped out and assembled on site. Manufactured homes come in a variety of sizes, but they share some standard home features.

The size of the lot is one major factor that will determine the style of the home you will end up with and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms it has. Manufactured homes are also energy efficient and typically cost less than traditional construction methods.

If you're looking to cut your monthly expenditures, modular homes can help. Exterior wall insulation reduces heat loss while reducing utility costs, resulting in 3 times more energy-efficient houses than stick-built ones.

A typical modular home costs between $50-$60 thousand—much more affordable for families in search of owning a home. The price will depend on every homeowner's individual needs and specifications. Carolina Custom Homes prides itself in offering cost-effective options for homeowners, providing families the opportunity to cherish memories in their own space for years to come. 

Schedule a tour with us today and gain accurate pricing details for any of our homes.


Modular Homes Are Safe and Durable

Building a manufactured home is a smart way to build. The modular construction process ensures quality, speed, and safety when building both economical and energy-efficient homes.

Carolina Custom Homes' modular options meet or exceed all local building codes, including 3 bedroom modular home plans in Winston-Salem. They go through an additional approval process to ensure compliance with the manufacturer. All manufactured homes in Winston-Salem are engineered for local codes, and they meet or exceed all local building codes, including 3 bedroom modular homes.

For those who live in areas with rough weather, you can rest assured that modular homes are built to last. These custom houses can withstand hurricanes, tornadoes, and the strongest storms. Carolina Custom Homes meets strict wind resistance standards set by HUD that require homes to hold up to winds of up to 120 mph.

At Carolina Custom Homes, we manufacture well-built houses so your modular home can hold its value and protect your family. You'll reap the benefits of your home for years to come. Our 3 bedroom floor plans can be customized to meet your needs—inside and out.


Modular Homes Are Convenient

Many modular homes are built with families in mind. Manufactured homes are a fantastic option for those who want to move into a large, 3-bedroom home but don't want to go through the messy, expensive process of purchasing an existing house.

Our homes are also convenient for those who live in the Winston-Salem area and are looking for a smaller home in the suburbs. Three-bedroom modular home plans are available in different sizes, ranging from 1500 to 1800 square feet, helping you create the floor plan you've always wanted.

It takes about 3-4 months to construct a custom modular home which is half the time it would take to build a traditional house. Modular homes are built in a climate-controlled environment, making the process fast and seamless without pesky outside influences.


Wrapping It Up: Why You Should Choose a Modular Home in Winston-Salem

Manufactured homes are an exceptional investment, as they can be customized to suit the needs of different homeowners and their families. They offer convenience and accessibility for those looking to live in an environmentally-friendly dwelling that is still customizable enough to feel like it belongs uniquely to them.

Three-bedroom modular homes in the Winston-Salem area (and across the country) come with all of the benefits of a traditional home while including additional perks that make them even more attractive to those looking for an environmentally conscious and cost-effective method of housing without foregoing customization and quality.


At Carolina Custom Homes, we are proud to offer the highest quality 3 bedroom modular home plans in Winston-Salem, NC. Check out our free resource for more guidance on how to choose the right floor plan. Contact us and browse our home options to find your dream home today!

Carolina Custom Homes

Written by Carolina Custom Homes

Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington was founded with a mission to provide customers with an alternative, greener way to build. We partner with North Carolina’s top manufacturers to create both practical and luxurious designs for your home. We maintain a low operating overhead, which means that more of your money goes towards designing and building your perfect home. We provide you with high quality, custom modular homes at an unbeatable value.

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