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How Much Does A Two Story Modular Home Cost?

If your growing family needs more space, adding a second story to your modular home floor plan is easily the best solution for your family. However, you might be concerned by how much this new addition could end up costing.

The truth is, the cost per square foot of every modular home floor plan changes if you add, remove, or increase the space of your home. If you add an addition such as a second story to your home, then you’re going to see a change in your overall modular home price.

If you have questions about two-story modular homes and need insight on how much a two-story modular home costs, we have the answers you need.



What do you gain with a Two Story Modular Home?

While we’ve already discussed the average cost of a modular home, if you decide to add a second story, the initial price of your modular floor plan is going to change. The base price of a modular home is determined exclusively by square feet and the standard features that come with your original floor plan. If you decide to expand your home with a second story, the base price will increase to accommodate this addition.

However, by adding a second story home, you’ll gain plenty of space and additional rooms such as:

  • • Additional bedrooms
    • Additional bathrooms
  • • A bonus living space
  • • A home office

Second story modular homes are ideal for families that need additional bedrooms, or if you or your spouse work from home. Even though this addition might cost more, your home can accommodate any guests, loved one’s, and your professional life if needed.



Two Story Modular Home Cost

Because modular home construction and pricing is different compared to stick-built homes, the cost of a two-story modular home is going to be far different than a two-story stick-built home.

When you begin designing your modular home, first, you’ll select a floor plan, and during the design process, specify to your designer if you’d like to include a second story. The best part of a two-story modular home is that it increases space and resell value, without increasing the overall square footage of your home.

On average, most two-story modular homes are above 2,000 square feet. However, there is no way to estimate what the price of your two-story home will be. Every single one of our modular floor plans is unique, so the cost of a second story is going to differ for every homeowner. While you design and customize your home, you’ll have to determine a few different things before you’ll receive an all-in cost.

  • • Calculate your home’s initial base price per square foot
    • Adding on your two-story modular addition
  • • Adding on other features like a basement or garage
  • • Additional customizations features
  • • Items like custom cabinets, crown molding, hardwood floors, granite countertops, and other vital features will adjust the overall price point of your home.

Once all of these features are considered, your modular home designer will be able to give you a fair assessment of what your two-story modular home is going to cost. If you are concerned about your budget, it’s important to remember one thing - more customizations will alter your price. 

If you have a specific budget in mind, but still want a second story home, discuss your options with your designer and modular home builders. Add ons like modular home garages and decks are also going to change your price. Your modular home designer will provide you with a few different options, so your home remains within your budget. Luckily, adding a second story doesn’t alter your home’s square footage, and so the price increase won’t be too drastic.

At Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington, we take our modular home construction and customizations preferences very seriously. Once you decide on the design and logistics of your home, our team of general contractors and builders will get to work creating the house of your dreams.



Want to learn more about the in-depth customizations process at Carolina Custom Homes? Review our Custom Built Modular Homes features and The Complete Guide to the Custom Modular Home Experience.



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