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Homeowner Must Haves: Modular Home Decks and Garages

Every homeowner has a few must-have features on their home buying wishlist. For some, it could be a large kitchen, while others might want a master suite. However, there are two important modular home add ons that don’t receive as much attention as other spaces: garages and decks.

While some modular home builders might not offer these customizable features, Carolina Custom Homes can build and attach these incredible add ons to your home after construction. That’s why we wanted to take a closer look at these important structures, and how they can be features for your home.


Modular Homes with Garages are Possible

Maybe you’ve been wondering if it’s possible to include a garage with your modular home. The answer - absolutely! While it might not be included with your initial floor plan, the customization options we offer at Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington mean you can include multiple add ons to your home. Most modern modular home floor plans include features like wide living spaces and incredible kitchens. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a garage with your modular home.

There are a few garage options to pick from when designing your modular home, including:

  • • Detached Garage
    • • Your garage is independent of your home, which means it can be added on at any time once your home has been transferred to your land.

  • • Integrated Garage
    • • If you have a small plot of land, or split level home, integrated garages are your best choice. Because it shares the foundation with your home, integrated garages have to be planned for accordingly when customizing a modular home.

  • • Attached Garage
    • • These garages only share one wall with your home, so they don’t require the same amount of planning as an integrated garage. However, this is still something you need to discuss with your modular house designer before getting started.

While garages are relatively easy to incorporate into your home, you still need to decide fairly early in the modular home building process whether or not you’d like a garage. For integrated and attached garages, it’s important to know this information beforehand, that way builders can plan accordingly when constructing your home.


Build Your Dream Modular Home Deck

Traditional homes aren’t the only style that includes decking. Whether you have a cape cod, rancher, or two-story home, you still have the option to add a modular home deck. You’ll be able to entertain family, friends, and loved one’s outside for hours, thanks to this incredible modular home add on.

Prior to deck construction, it’s important to discuss the style and square footage of your deck with your home designer. You’ll have to incorporate structural add ons to your current house plan, so your modular home builders will have to construct your house accordingly.

At Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington, we can build various custom porches or decks in a variety of styles, including:

  • • Platform Decks
  • • Raised Decks
  • • Freestanding Decks
  • • Two Story Decks
  • • Multi Level Decks

Based on the style of your home, we can discuss which deck design is the best option. One story ranchers are suitable for platform and raised decks, whereas two-story homes can incorporate more expansive deck designs. Just talk to your designer about your vision, and we’ll advise you accordingly.


Carolina Custom Homes can Build Decks and Garages

If you’d like to add on a deck or garage to your modular home, we can gladly discuss these important add ons while picking your home’s floor plan. We want you to have everything you need while you’re at home, and if that includes a beautiful two-story deck or an attached garage, we’re more than happy to include these features in your home.

Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington can provide any site-built additions you ask for. We can build you a custom porch or deck, per your request, and discuss design options during your initial consultation. Just specify your size and design preferences and we’ll get started on construction once your house is ready to be moved. If you have any other customization questions, just review our modular home frequently asked questions.

With Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington, the design possibilities are truly endless. Check out our home customization options in our webinar, Modulars 101: Your Guide to Customization!

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