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What’s Included in a Modular Home’s Price Point?

When it comes to modular homes, there are plenty of common myths about modular home construction. One of our most commonly asked questions is our modular home price point, and what is included in the price of our modular homes.

The truth is, there is no one size fits all price point with modular homes. While we’ve previously broken down how much a modular home costs, there are lots of different questions and information circulating about modular home pricing.

That’s why we’re going to discuss what’s included in the average price of a modular home, and how that price can change, so you can make informed decisions for your family and your budget


Included in Modular Home Price: Base Price vs All in Price

When comparing modular vs traditional stick built homes, modular homes have a much more affordable price. There are a number of reasons why the average price of a modular home is less expensive than a stick-built home, but the primary reason is because of how it’s constructed. However, we wanted to discuss more what’s included in the initial price of your modular home.

During your initial modular home design consultation, you’ll discuss your favorite floor plans with one of our designers. Once you’ve determined which floor plan makes sense for your lifestyle, your designer will give you a price point, known as the base price.

The base price is the total cost of your current home floor plan, based on its square footage, and total value. That means you’ll have a set amount of features in the base price, including items like:

  • • 10 Year Structural Home Warranty
  • • Conditioned and sealed crawl space
  • • Dishwasher installed
  • • Energy Efficient 16 seer Trane XLI heat pump adequately sized for home
  • • GP exterior vinyl siding with a limited lifetime warranty
  • • Luxury roll vinyl flooring installed in all wet areas
  • • Marsh Purchased Cabinets
  • • Microwave Range Hood
  • • Smooth Finish Sheetrock Ceilings
  • • Whole House water shut off valve

For a complete list of included features, review our modular home properties. All of our properties list what will be included in your modular home cost per square foot.

However, while all these features are included in the initial base price, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be the all-in price of your home floor plan. While the average price of a modular home is around $85 per square foot, that price will increase if you choose to customize your modular home.

Now, a finished home by Carolina Custom Homes without additional customizations is still a beautiful, high-quality home. However, in order to get your dream home, it makes sense to customize your modular home floor plan to be exactly how you want!

Now that you know a little bit more about what’s included in the price, let’s take a closer look at what you can expect when you fully customize your modular home.


Budget for Modular Home Customizations

While the price per square foot of custom homes are very affordable, the customization process does impact the overall price point of all modular home floor plans.

The reason why is because our contractors have to budget for the additional materials used, and extra time spent on the project modifying your home. That means if you ask for a second story addition, or a modular deck or garage, you’re going to see a difference in the final cost verses the base price.

While you can’t put a price on your dream home, it’s important to understand the Carolina Custom Home customizations process before you start designing. You’ll be able to consider which parts of your home you’d like to customize, and what parts you‘d like to stay true to your original home floor plan. When it comes to your custom home, we can customize a variety of features, such as:

  • • Batten Vinyl Siding
  • • Custom Kitchen Cabinets
  • • Decking
  • • Lighting
  • • Trim
  • • Hardware
  • • Kitchen Features
  • • Tile and Backsplash
  • • Countertops
  • • Flooring
  • • And so much more!

At Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington, we can 100% customize every aspect of your floor plan, besides altering the previously decided square feet of your home. Because all of the site work is done in a climate-controlled space, our general contractors will be able to alter and build the final version of your home exactly how you like it. When it comes to custom modular homes in North Carolina, no one does it quite like Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington


If you’re curious about whether or not you can afford a custom home from Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington, explore our exclusive modular home guides for additional information and budgeting tips! Two of our personal favorites are The Basic Cost of Building a Modular Home and Can I Afford to Build a House. Ready to get designing? Contact the best modular home builders in NC to begin building your dream home.


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Written by Carolina Custom Homes

Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington was founded with a mission to provide customers with an alternative, greener way to build. We partner with North Carolina’s top manufacturers to create both practical and luxurious designs for your home. We maintain a low operating overhead, which means that more of your money goes towards designing and building your perfect home. We provide you with high quality, custom modular homes at an unbeatable value.

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