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Why Carolina Custom Homes are the Perfect Choice for Your Modular Home in North Carolina

The Rise of Modular Homes in North Carolina

In recent years, North Carolina has seen a significant rise in the popularity of modular homes. These prefabricated structures, built in a factory and then assembled on-site, offer a modern solution to home building that challenges traditional construction methods. But what makes modular homes, and specifically those built by Carolina Custom Homes, the go-to choice for many homebuyers in the Tar Heel State?

The Advantages of Modular Homes

Modular homes come with a plethora of benefits that go beyond mere aesthetics. Unlike traditional homes that face delays due to weather, modular homes are constructed indoors, ensuring that your project stays on schedule. They are also subject to rigorous quality checks and adhere to the same local building codes as site-built homes, often exceeding standard requirements due to their need to withstand transport.

Quality and Durability

Built with precision in controlled environments, modular homes are known for their quality and durability. The construction process allows for tighter seams and better air filtration, which enhances energy efficiency.

Design Flexibility

One of the misconceptions about modular homes is the lack of customization. However, companies like Carolina Custom Homes break the mold by offering extensive design flexibility that allows homeowners to bring their vision to life, matching and often surpassing the customization level of traditional homes.

Energy Efficiency and Affordability

Modular homes are inherently more energy-efficient due to tighter construction standards. This efficiency translates into lower utility bills for homeowners. Additionally, the streamlined construction process reduces costs, making modular homes an affordable option for many.

Why Choose Carolina Custom Homes?

Choosing Carolina Custom Homes means opting for a residence that is tailor-made to fit your needs and desires. Here are a few reasons why Carolina Custom Homes stands out:

  1. Quality: With a commitment to excellence, each home is built with the highest standards in mind.
  2. Design Flexibility: Whether you dream of a cozy bungalow or a sprawling estate, Carolina Custom Homes can turn your dream into a reality.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Enjoy savings on your energy bills thanks to thoughtful construction that prioritizes efficiency.
  4. Affordability: Get more bang for your buck without compromising on quality or design. Affordable options are available for every budget.
  5. Expertise: With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Carolina Custom Homes has a team of experts who will guide you through the entire process, from design to construction and beyond.

Real Customer Stories

Hearing from satisfied homeowners offers valuable insights into the experience of building a modular home with Carolina Custom Homes. Take, for example, the Pendergrass family, who recently moved into their custom-built modular home. They rave about the seamless process, from design to move-in, and the exceptional customer service they received. Stories like these underscore the company's commitment to not just meeting but exceeding customer expectations:

"We could not be more thrilled with Carolina Custom Homes! We worked closely with Andy, Annabelle, Lee, and Makayla and they were all a pleasure to work with. Their communication was clear and concise, their responses were always timely, and they lived up to their promises.

We looked at many options, as anyone would, before landing on Carolina Custom Homes. Ultimately, they had everything we wanted as far as customizations inside and outside of the home. We are a young family with young children building our forever home, so we needed a home that would grow with us. The customizations we were able to make to the floor plan and the add-on second story were exactly what we were looking for. Andy and Annabelle were great to work with while customizing/designing the home--their attention to detail was great! Lee and Makayla made sure the construction of our home was always on track and that we were up to date.

Overall, we couldn't be happier with our experience with Carolina Custom Homes and the team we were able to work with. We wanted to work with a builder who listened to our wants and needs, even when we were being a little picky at times (happy wife, happy life haha!). We can't wait to move in next week and start making memories in our new home! Thank you, Carolina Custom Homes!" - Dalton and Gerri Anna Pendergrass


Q: Why should I travel to Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington?

A: With over 600 floor plans available, we can find a home tailored to your individual and family needs. Our low overhead ensures you receive the best value in the industry for your new modular home. At Carolina Custom Homes, you can save between $10,000 and $15,000 on modular homes in Greensboro, NC, Burlington, and nearby areas. Partner with one of North Carolina's most trusted home builders and take comfort in knowing you're in good hands.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will show you the difference that working with true specialists makes. You'll also benefit from the guidance of our Construction Coordinator, a licensed general contractor, who will assist you every step of the way. We aim to make your construction experience incredibly positive with a simple, stress-free process. That’s the Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington way!

Q: What are some of the things I’ll need when purchasing a new home?

A: To proceed, you will need a pre-approval letter from your lender stating the approved loan amount. If needed, we can provide a list of recommended lenders to assist you as a courtesy. If you own land, please provide copies of any environmental permits, as these are necessary to determine well, septic, and excavation costs. Marking your property lines will help avoid any unnecessary errors. Our aim is to make your home purchase a smooth and enjoyable experience, so feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Q: Is the construction of a modular home different than a home built on-site?

A: Building a site-built home can take several months or even years. Our modular construction method reduces build time by more than 35%. Faster construction saves you money and minimizes the stress of building your new home. Additionally, since modular homes are completed more quickly than traditional on-site builds, the costs associated with interim construction financing are significantly lowered or even eliminated.

All of our modular builds undergo extensive internal and third-party inspections at every production phase. Our Burlington and Greensboro modular homes meet or surpass all federal, state, and local regulations. Carolina Custom Modular homes are designed to be smarter and more energy-efficient.

Q: How much does it cost to build a modular home?

A: To estimate your potential investment, consider that a single-level ranch home typically costs $130 per square foot with standard factory options. You can adjust your budget and design preferences based on this average.

Q: Are garages and porches available from Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington?

Absolutely, Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington is more than happy to discuss and provide any site-built additions you may need. We take great pride in constructing basements using Superior Walls®. Additionally, we can create custom porches and decks in any size or shape to suit your preferences.

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The Bottom Line

As modular homes continue to rise in popularity, it's clear that they offer numerous advantages over traditional site-built homes. When it comes to choosing the right company to build your dream modular home in North Carolina, look no further than Carolina Custom Homes for their commitment to quality, design flexibility, energy efficiency, affordability, and expertise. Carolina Custom Homes offers a perfect blend of quality, flexibility, efficiency, and affordability, making them the ideal choice for your modular home in North Carolina. With the ability to customize your home to fit your exact needs and the added benefit of a more efficient, cost-effective construction process, it’s clear why more North Carolinians are choosing modular homes. Ready to start your home-building journey? Contact Carolina Custom Homes today and take the first step towards building your dream home.

Carolina Custom Homes

Written by Carolina Custom Homes

Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington was founded with a mission to provide customers with an alternative, greener way to build. We partner with North Carolina’s top manufacturers to create both practical and luxurious designs for your home. We maintain a low operating overhead, which means that more of your money goes towards designing and building your perfect home. We provide you with high quality, custom modular homes at an unbeatable value.

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