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The Top 4 Things to Consider During the Land Buying Process

Are you wondering how to begin the process of building a modular house? Have you been pining for a single-family dream house? Although it may seem daunting, land buying is an essential first step when settling down in your dream home. Knowing what to look for before investing in land is key to ensuring you get the right land for your modular home.

Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington has assisted hundreds of families in finding their perfect lot. Nevertheless, you should take into account a few factors when exploring potential land for purchase to ensure it is the ideal choice.

Here are four of the most important things to consider when buying land for building a modular home in Greensboro, NC:


Location, Location, Location!

When it comes to land buying, location is king. Therefore, take some time to evaluate your land purchase and ponder these questions before you buy land:


Where do you want to be?

When deciding on the ideal spot for your new home, consider both big and small factors. Consider not only which side of town or neighborhood best suits you but also how close it is to highways or busy streets that may affect your current lifestyle. Additionally, you should factor in distances from work and other areas to make a decision confidently with all the facts at hand. If you can't find land for sale that meets your requirements, you may want to seek help from a real estate agent.


What will the area be like in 5-10 years or more?

Rural areas and undeveloped land are usually great starting points if you're searching to purchase land. You must look ahead when considering your location; will more structures be built near your home in the future? How could this development potentially affect the view or property values surrounding your house? You want modular homes in Greensboro, NC to remain comfortable homes for many years into the future. Who doesn't want to live in a beautiful and quiet neighborhood? However, remember, change can come quickly.


What’s nearby? 

Being close to work or school is essential as you deliberate where to reside. However, remember the perks of a home's proximity to hospitals, shopping centers, and recreational facilities! Some relish long drives for grocery runs, while others prefer quick trips—either way, it works as long as it fits your lifestyle.

Tip: Consider your family's needs when pinpointing the perfect address for you. Compiling a list ahead of time will make it much simpler to identify if any property aligns with what matters most to all of you.

Now that you've discovered the ideal spot, it's time to plan your next move. Evaluate your property's characteristics and determine what can be constructed at the site and how nearby development may shape your residence in years to come. Building a modular house requires land that has been appropriately evaluated and reviewed.



Your Property’s Features

During the land-buying process, it's essential to take the time and gather all of the necessary information before you make a final decision. From breathtaking views to attractive locations or vintage trees in front yards, many appealing features attract buyers—but zoning requirements, property taxes, and regulations might limit what kind of construction is permissible on your lot. Not only that, but living in areas prone to natural disasters can compromise safety measures and resale value for homeowners, so research thoroughly!


Land Owners Should Ask These Questions:


Is my lot zoned for residential buildings?

Unless you specifically want to purchase a residential lot in a commercial area, pay attention to the zoning of any vacant lots nearby. If they have been zoned for commercial use, there could likely be a shopping center as your neighbor within the next several years.


Does the lot have setbacks?

When building modular homes in Greensboro, NC on a lot, you should know that setbacks are the rules of thumb that dictate where they can be built. Generally speaking, most locations will require building a certain distance from the curb's edge for construction to occur. Therefore, possessing a smaller lot size may limit how large your house can become.


Am I in a flood zone?

If you want to purchase a house in an area susceptible to hurricanes or one close to rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water, be aware that it may become flooded. Not only could this put your safety at risk, but also the resale value of your home if natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes, and fires happen in the region. Consider these factors before building a modular house near vulnerable areas.

Tip: To gain insight into how external forces might change your lot, stay informed and explore local newspapers and social media channels for your area before buying land.

After you've identified the perfect plot of land that meets your criteria for location, zoning, and safety, it's time to examine local ordinances as well as Homeowners Association regulations that could potentially restrict what you can do with modular houses in NC.



Rights & Restrictions 

Land buying opens up a world of possibilities but may be limited due to local stipulations or the regulations implemented by your local Homeowner’s Association (HOA). If you are planning on constructing something special with your land such as a particular type of building or even keeping chickens, then it is likely that you will need permission from relevant authorities.


  • Local ordinances are rules and regulations established by your city or municipality to ensure citizens live harmoniously with their environment. These laws may include limitations on what can be built on a lot, the types of animals that can be kept, as well as codes for noise pollution control, lawn care requirements, and waste management guidelines.


  • Although you own the land, don't assume that you own all of its rights. The water, timber, and mineral rights could be owned by other people or entities who can dictate what's allowed to take place on your property. Be mindful of this potential issue before taking further steps in land buying.


  • If you're purchasing land in a region governed by an HOA, you must obtain and read through their set of regulations before proceeding with the purchase. These guidelines may cover aspects such as landscaping design, paint colors, and even architectural style for any house built on the property. You'll need to decide if you're willing to change any plans regarding modular homes in Greensboro, NC to adhere to possible guidelines.

Tip: Before you make a purchase, do your due diligence and obtain the facts about the property. If you intend to construct something on the lot out of the ordinary scope, such as developing a large shed or raising livestock, contact your municipality's administration to see if any ordinances in effect could impede this process. If so, you may need to acquire the appropriate building permit.

Homeowners Associations and special permits usually come with extra charges you'll need to consider. In the concluding section, we will review all the expenditures associated with land buying and building a modular house.



Land Buying Costs

Before you make a final decision on purchasing vacant land, it is crucial to inspect the condition of your potential land and see if any changes need to be made. Furthermore, compare this space against your desired home design in order for you to get an idea of what additional expenses could arise once you start building a modular house. All these extra costs must be weighed before land buying, so you don't encounter unwelcome surprises constructing modular houses in NC.


Lot Grading and Clearing

If your land has an uneven surface or rocks, and you would like to excavate the ground for a basement before constructing your abode, then getting ready to build will require paying for grading the surface. Additionally, if trees or shrubs need to be removed, this too may come with a cost.



Before making your purchase, it is essential to determine what kinds of utilities are available in the area for modular homes in Greensboro, NC. In rural areas, ensure water and sewage systems, electricity and gas connections, and internet services exist for your lot. Otherwise, you may be stuck without certain necessary services after moving into the house!

Tip: Discuss with your contractor the state of your lot. They could offer budget-friendly options, like tree elimination, that could pay for the lumber.

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Selecting the perfect plot of land for your dream home can be a tedious decision. Save yourself time and let Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington take care of all that comes after land-buying! We will provide you with an effortless purchase, ensure grading is done correctly, and handle necessary lot prep before building your new modular house in NC.

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