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3 Ways to Brighten Your Home This Winter

Short days and long nights are winter’s calling cards. It can be hard leaving for work in the morning with the sun barely up and pull into your driveway at night with the sun already down.

Not only is it impossible to get any yard work done, it can be a drag when you’re settling in to relax for the night. We’ve compiled a few practical ideas for brightening up your home during winter that won’t make it feel like the sun is simply trying to avoid you.


Depositphotos_53709565_original.jpgBright and sunny colors!

Plain white walls getting you down? The paint you choose for each room in your house is more than just a statement of your personal style; it can go a long way toward brightening up your rooms and cutting into that gloomy winter feel. Soft blues in the living room can make it feel like a gentle spring day planting flowers in the yard, while a soft yellow can be reminiscent of the sun hanging in the sky. There are even apps that can show you what each color would look like in each room and take out some of the guesswork!




Greenery is for more than salads.

 Consider decorating your home with a few potted plants. Those bay windows that you opted to have installed when you built your custom home let plenty of light in, even during the winter, so buy a large planter and get to planting! Plants in the home not only go a long way to brightening up the home during the long winters, they also provide cleaner, healthier air.




Depositphotos_65865203_original.jpgFurniture placement is key.

Dark leathers and blackout curtains may be nice for your home theater setup, but they won’t do much for cutting into those winter blues.  A white couch with accent pieces that are grey or light blue immediately brighten, and surprisingly, make a room feel more spacious and open. Additionally, clever usage of mirrors can help take a little bit of light and make it seem like a lot more. A few mirrors strategically placed can make the room seem twice as big and twice as bright.




  • Sheer white curtains will simultaneously let in sunlight during the day and brighten the room in the evenings.

  • Keep your home clean and clutter-free. Clean windows let sunlight filter in better during the day, while keeping the clutter to a minimum will help stave off the ‘walls are closing in’ feeling.

  • Purchase light bulbs that have a comfortable hue. Some can seem cold and artificial and actually make the winter feeling worse. Choose carefully!


 The winter doesn’t need to be so dark and gloomy. With a few of the tips above, you can make it seem like a midsummer morning in your home and push back the darkness!



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